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The Subduction Zone Initiation (SZI) Database is the outcome of the first YoungCEED intensive workshop, which was held between 5.-12. Nov. 2018 and organised and carried out exclusively by „young“ scientists (i.e., PhD’s and postdocs). Invited were a total of 14 inter-disciplinary early-career scientists, among which were eight international and six University of Oslo based, to spend a full week in a remote research station in Drøbak, Norway.

We believe young scientists are the key to old problems.

Bringing together fourteen inter-disciplinary early-career scientists, with their up-to-date expertise, enthusiasm and working spirit, allowed us to view and tackle this long-standing, inter-disciplinary problem of the Earth Sciences from an entirely new perspective and to revolutionise the methodological approach behind it from ground up. Apart from producing crucial new scientific insights into the fascinating question about how new subduction zones form on the Earth and maintain ocean-plate tectonics, this project aims to build a universal language with clear and unambiguous terms and concepts. The platform is built upon this universal language to provide a common place to access and contribute interdisciplinary SZI data and insights. It is designed to enable a collaborative and coordinated community-driven effort to further expand our understanding of SZI.


Apart from the scientific contribution, the YoungCEED project fosters the development of early-career researchers by training their academic independence while forming new connections to peers.​

The project and workshop are funded by the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), at the University of Oslo, and organised by Valentina Magni, Grace Shephard, Mathew Domeier, and Fabio Crameri.

If you are interested in carrying out a similar project, or just want to support such efforts in the future, read more about the key hurdles and necessities of our project in a corresponding EGU GeoLog blog.

We hope you are as excited about the Earth and its evolution and dynamics as we are.

The YoungCEEDlings of 2018

SZI database working group
Fabio presenting the SZI project
SZI database working group
YoungCEED workshop
Our Mission
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